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We are changing the perception of available power

The latest leap in the charging evolution is here. The Exeger solar cell is built to enable ambient light charging and designed for integration into the devices you love and use daily. From now on, headphones, tablets and wireless speakers can stay powered up for as long as you want to use them, simply through exposure to natural or artificial light. Ambient light is an effortless and wireless source of electricity with endless energy redefining the way you live.

That’s why we have focused all our efforts on designing a solar cell that is both beautiful and works in the same environments as people.

Curious and technical skilled, with the ability to overcome snags and see things through?

Then keep reading! We are now looking for a Team Leads to join us at our plant in central Stockholm. Engineering is the place within Exeger where we design machines and solutions, driving product quality, efficiency and usability. Focusing on Innovative engineering solutions for high-performance projects, and provide technical expertise through design, manufacturing, and operations.

As Team Lead you are part of Exeger Engineering organisation, dedicated to form one-off machines for development and production of the unique Exeger solar cell, realize customer specific prototypes and develop software and database solutions. To put it short; we build, deploy and develop, a to z.

Thus, to thrive in this role we believe you know your way around Vision, PLC, Pyton, got a grip on machine programming and database connections… And so forth. You know what we mean. Don’t you.

As a prospective Exegerian, all your actions are filtered through our values and philosophy – this is the Exeger culture and we remain true to our principles of respect, honesty, courage, knowledge and beauty. Together, we push the boundaries of what is considered possible.

What about you?

We are constantly growing and looking for the most promising talents. Within each field. Though, we recruit on more than just merit. We’re looking for you who embodies our values and strives to reach our vision of a self-powered world. You see, as fellow members of Engineering we want a vision. We want to know we’re on a mission. We want to know we’re part of something bigger than just slinging widgets. And we want to know YOU can lead us there.

We are looking for a driven team lead within the fields of Software solutions who knows the way around database connections and got an eye for development ideas. You are the kind of leader that have the ability to oversee the bigger picture, in other words – you lead, you motivate AND at the same time are a fiddle on SQL integrations!

We want to know you can get more out of us than we can get out of ourselves. We’ll work with you if you share our vision of making the best Engineering organization in the world - on a mission that matters! To put it short - we’ll work with you if you’ll LEAD, if you can inspire us to bigger and better, in a culture of greatness. Then YES! You’ve got us! So— is that you?


We think you know that better than we do. However, what we do know is that the pace in which we’re changing is faster than ever, and with increased complexity, all the more important with an organization characterized by diversity. To achieve the best results possible. Hence, diversity is an important part of who we are. For us, it is about inclusion and actively taking a stand, that inequalities matters. We’re looking for talented people to do work that they love at all levels of the company.

Is this you?

If you like what you see and believe you are the person that will make us better, do not hesitate and submit your information. The selection process is continuously ongoing, so don't wait, but no later than the 20th of february, 2019. If you do not have a resume at hand you are welcome to apply with your LinkedIn-profile. If you have questions about the position, please contact responsible recruiters Fredrik Jansson at 073-678 49 21 or Emelie Sandsten at 070-760 36 96.


Fredrik Jansson

073 - 678 49 21

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Team Lead Software
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